The Importance of ISO Certification for Business Growth

Heena Sharma

Heena Sharma

When we think of buying something, whether it’s electronics, clothes, groceries, or anything else, we automatically tend to gravitate toward brands we trust. But where does this trust factor come from? Why do we trust certain brands over others? 

While the first thing that comes to mind is the durability and the many years these brands have survived and thrived in the market. But if you wish to gain that trust in a more expedited manner, getting an ISO certification for your business is the best option you can choose. 

In fact, as per a survey conducted by United Nations, 98% of companies who invested in an ISO certification claimed that it was either a good or a very good investment. 

Wondering why? Keep reading to get your answer.

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Top 10 Ways in Which ISO Certification Will Help Your Business Expand

ISO certification for business will help grow and prosper in your industry in the following ways:

#1 The Trust Factor

As we’ve already mentioned above, ISO is synonymous with trust. Essentially, if you get an ISO certification, it signifies that your company follows a particular set of guidelines that have been developed by ISO (International Organization for Standardization).

This in turn means that your company is ensuring that all the products and/or services you develop are created while maintaining the highest quality. It sends the message that whatever you offer is developed keeping in mind the best interests of the customers in mind.

#2 Uplifts the Image of Your Brand

Getting ISO accreditation enhances your image in front of not just your customers, but also your shareholders and employees. It reflects that your company is leaving no stone unturned to deliver premium quality products by leveraging improved efficiency.

#3 Boosts Morale of Employees

When you work on meeting the ISO standards, you in turn develop a much more productive and at the same time engaged workforce. How does this happen? It happens because ISO guidelines help in streamlining processes and improving the overall efficiency of the employees.

It results in lesser absenteeism, more job satisfaction, greater turner, and therefore, a more refined and harmonious work culture. As you all strive and work toward a common goal (getting the ISO certification), it also brings people together and improves communication within a company.

#4 More Savings

With the application of ISO standards, your existing processes and procedures yield better results. It also leads to lesser product recalls, highlights the drawbacks of your products/services, and enables you to work on them and fix them beforehand.

End result? Lesser waste and much fewer customer complaints. Therefore, you save more money and optimize your current system.

#5 Multiplies Sales

Nothing increases sales more than a well-established and efficient system. An ISO certification will help you achieve this and therefore, get more sales. Further, it has been reported that companies that get certified have better sales growth than those that don’t. 

#6 Helps in Staying Consistent

Who likes delays? No one. To help your business stay consistent and ensure that your customers always get served on time and only good quality products/services, you need to get an ISO certification. It will also widen your scope in the market and lead to more opportunities.

#7 Elevated Tender Success

There will be instances when a competitor might get a contract that you should get. The reason? Your competitor was ISO certified and you weren’t. This is because an ISO certification proves your commitment to getting things done in the most efficient manner without compromising on quality. 

No matter the size of your company, it helps you in establishing authority. Further, it gives you that much need edge over your competitors and also helps in leveling the playing field as you compete with larger companies. 

#8 Happier Customers

The number one goal of businesses? To improve the customer experience and offer them the best services/products since this leads to happier customers and that ultimately leads to more loyal customers. Businesses of all sizes, especially smaller ones, stand to get a lot from an ISO certification.

All small businesses aim to deliver high-quality customer services since they want to bank on them for returning and investing in their products/services again. Since an ISO management system directly affects the efficiency of your company, it only helps in improving customer satisfaction.

With the help of this system, you’ll be able to discern and circumvent customer-related problems in a more swift, smart, and efficient manager – without the customer ever knowing about it. Lastly, it’ll also show your potential customers how serious you are about maintaining the quality of your products/services.

#9 Highly Efficient Business System

ISO certification for businesses can turn the whole system around, particularly for small businesses. It helps them leverage their resources in a more effective manner and essentially decreases wasted time and money. 

An important byproduct of having an ISO system in place is that it helps you utilize each resource properly so that you can identify where savings can be made and make the best use of this information. 

This allows small businesses to reorganize their resources in a way that maximizes their output and therefore, helps them run the business more smoothly.

#10 Better Decision-Making Process

When running a business, you can’t make decisions based on just feelings or gut instincts. You need facts and this is where an ISO certification for businesses can help. When you bank on feelings to make decisions, you’re essentially gambling.

However, an ISO certification will help you get access to concrete figures that’ll help you in making the right decisions for the best outcomes. In the case of small to medium-sized companies, where the risk factor is higher, this can be a real game changer. 

This list contains just 10 advantages and is, by all means, not an exhaustive one. There are numerous more benefits of getting an ISO certification for your business and upgrading it. Ready to get started? We can help! 

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Heena Sharma

About Heena Sharma

Heena Sharma is a successful entrepreneur. She is the founder of IS Auditr Inc, is a bootstrapped business that provides affordable ISO services for businesses.

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